Getting an OMD ready for Leica M Glass

Started Apr 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
Rol Lei Nut Veteran Member • Posts: 3,655
Re: Getting an OMD ready for Leica M Glass

I have cheap, no-name adapters for Leica M, M39, Rolleiflex SLR and Leica R (no M42 only because I have other adapters for M42 to Rolleiflex). They all work properly, mount solidly and focus accurately to infinity.

When mounting, maybe they aren't as smooth feeling as, say, an orginal Leica bayonet, but certainly that isn't  a big deal.

What is interesting are the adapters with baffles: I'd be curious to know if they make a difference, since many wide and/or fast lenses exhibit "blooming" at their widest apertures when used on m4/3 cameras.

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