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Re: The goal - First, grab your attention. . .

Actually, I've just been looking at them again. On second inspection, I really like the second one with the rocks in the bottom right (more subtle than the stairs in the last one) and the shot of the road below and the footpath above really hits the spot -- and very strongly makes Guy's point about having a figure(s) in the two shots above it.

It says something about the strength of your work, Bob, that I was drawn back for another look and saw more in them than at first look.

Cheers, geoff

Bob Tullis wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

They all worked for me except in the narrow walkway/footbridge situations where you do need a person there, walking away is fine, to "show the purpose" of the structure.

For me, the first one is a little disappointing. Go two steps closer and slightly left so you get a pile filling that empty space in the bottom righthand corner? And also get the foot of the bridge upright clear of the piles? Fall into the water in the process and die of some foul pollution? 

You're right, but the best I could do there is get 4 bridge towers in the scene.  I had to rely on the railing for the Ultra Pod, where if I had the tripod I could have raised the camera to deal better with the piles.

OK that's just drawing on the mess of notes that I accumulated once after listening to many camera club judge comments over the years - usually criticising my "gems"

That's a good idea. When my daughter was younger, I used to offer treats in exchange for her being the human figure in such situations.

Bob, did you take any off center a bit? I tend to prefer that these days -- makes the picture more complex yet retains the essential symmetry in the eye of the beholder.

I usually try to avoid centering, so where it is usually is a conscious decision.  In the field I often ask myself "Why?" when I find I'm centering a horizon or subject; I shoot a little wide often, and very often correct for perspective, and along with that goes a generosity to crop in post for for another assessment.  With those strong perspective lines it depends on the surrounding supporting features.

Anyway, I always like seeing your shots, saves me a trip to NY.

Ditto about like your work, Bob, if envy and generally unfulfilled promises to myself to lift my game by trying a couple of things like yours can be translated to "like"! 

I appreciate that.  I feel the same, it's the inspiration of others work that drives me to strive for more from myself.  

In this group, the killer shot for me is the last one. In our shared culture, the bottom right is the "natural" exit point for the eye -- but in that pic, the eye gets there and is forcefully directed back up to the top again by the curved steps, then the bridge drags us through the pic again. Excellent!

Not having to visit NY, Guy, leaves you free to squander your time and treasure one letter further along in the alphabet -- NZ. 

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