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I'm in the market to go full-frame from a Nikon d5100. I'm not heavily vested in Nikon DX so I've been taking a real close look at the 6D and D600. I shoot mostly landscapes, and really like the Canon's 'color,' and whole system a bit better than the Nikon.

My trouble is that i keep reading everywhere how much better the sensor is on the Nikon. Especially over at DxO, where the 6D's sensor is rated barely better than my older D5100, and in fact the dynamic range on the D5100 is 1.5 EV greater than the newer and full framed 6D. So I'm wondering from your experience, how much does this matter in real world shooting? Would the 6D really be a step back except in high ISO/low-light situations? Is DxO even that accurate or trustworthy, it seems all their top-rated equipment is Nikon?

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How often do you aggressively pull shadows?  You can see for yourself that the D5100 still has cleaner shadows than the 6D, just pull each respective ISO 100 shot from the DPReview studio comparison RAWS and pull up the shadows or make exposure adjustments in LR.  On the otherhand the Canon 6D with many lenses is going to be pulling in around 15-17 MP's of detail via DxOMark's PMP rating, while the D5100 will be pulling in 10 or maybe 11 tops.  The extra detail might help make up for the base ISO DR difference as well and past ISO 400 the Canon just runs away with the lead.  The D5100 is incredibly clean in shadow pulling..it probably even beats the D5200, etc in terms of very aggressive shadow pulling.

Dynamic range here is not very different from dynamic range in audio.  A very high dynamic range recording system would allow you to take say the smallest most minuscule sounds such as the turning of paper, or accidental cough in the audience of a live concert etc and amplify that sound rather cleanly.  A lesser dynamic range audio recording system would bring up background noise such as hiss, etc that will make those minuscule sounds less clear if even audible at all when gain is added.  And depending on creative or artistic intent or reproduction or demands of the typical listener, it may be deemed unnecessary to add too much gain at all to such low level sounds.

The fact that the Canon 6D most likely is pulling in 6-7 extra PMP's over the D5100 for most lens choices is nothing to scoff at (taking a look at the 5DMKII and 5DMKIII as a reference and that the Canon 6D might comfortably sit inbetween the two regardless of lesser MP).  On the other hand it is moderately stopped down where FF sensor advantages loses a good deal of its edge from what I can see with my eyes.

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