wacom tablet recommendations needed

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Re: wacom tablet recommendations needed

I have the small Intuos 5 but really hesitate to recommend or comment on how good or Bad it is! Just an amateur that is still getting used to the idea! I've enjoyed what I'm doing with it so far and as far as mouse, if you are worried things such as double click, Right clicking, etc., that can be programed into the pen!

I considered the medium and the small and am real glad I went with the small, one for the limited space on my desk and two feel it is much easier to use, smaller movement when using Lightroom and Photoshop!

I guess if you were a designer or artist maybe you would be interested in the larger tablets as they allow you to use longer, sweeping strokes!?

Why wacom? Searched the web and they were recognized as the best, beats me since I've never had another kind!

Hope this helps??


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