Using a D7100 in AUTO mode???

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Whats wrong with Auto mode?

mistermejia wrote:

I had a very interesting experience a couple hours ago.  A gentleman came to buy my Nikon 16-85 that i was selling, young guy in his 20's.  The guy sold his D3100 and upgraded to the D7100.  HUGE upgrade indeed.  I asked him how he liked it, he said he hasn't used it since he just bought it a couple days ago and he had no lens.  He looked very excited, during the conversation i asked him how he shoots, if in manual mode or what, and he said in full auto, just like with his D3100.  So right away i got the "feeling" that this camera was way out of his league, and not with a mean intent but to help him instead, i started asking him if he knows how to change the AF settings, metering, apperture, how to set ISO, and he basically said, NO.  So i was right.

I started giving him some tips as to what some of the basic functions are, for example the location of the hidded button to change to AF-A, AF-S, AF-C.  I also told him that if nesessary, he might have to test the lens i was selling him and he might possibly have to do AF Fine Tuning later on, he asked what that was and how to do it, so i showed him.  At the end the gentleman got REALLY quiet and it looked like his jaw just dropped from being overwhelmed and the guy had no idea of what i was talking about.  After i felt bad and thought that maybe i shouldn't have told him anything.  Anyways, that guy is more lucky, he has a D7100 and i don't

The point is simple, there are TONS of folks out there that think that the latest high end camera will do miracles or that the camera WILL take awesome photos because it is the "latest technology".  Clearly there are lots of people using this type of cameras in AUTO mode and have no clue what  A, S, and M does, not to mention other functions.  What a waste of money and what a waste of a camera.  Heck, even a D5100 with its capabilities using it only in Auto is kind of a awaste of a camera, not to mention money.

Lots of people here ask "should i jump to D7000/D7100/D600?"  It is clear that most people do not need massive high MP, but another thing folks should consider is how they operate a camera and IF they are going to continue shooting that way, or change those ways and go fully manual to take full advantage of what all modern and "older" cameras can do.

DSLR's are so automated already that even in M mode, the camera is handling all of the critical stuff automatically. If you think that setting the ISO, aperture and shutter speed manually is manual photography then dream on.

There is an extensive library of image situations in every Nikon and has been for years and years. I would say to anyone, use Auto mode, use scene modes. Use whatever it takes to get a great shot and have a great memory or print and ignore the snobs.

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