Pancake lenses greater than 20mm focal length

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Re: Pancake lenses greater than 20mm focal length

Anders W wrote:

No. The 20 mm is equivalent to 40 mm on full-frame, so a slightly widish normal lens rather than a WA. Perfect for everyday shooting. And no, there is nothing longer than the 20 mm for MFT as far as pancakes go. Furthermore, I wouldn't really expect there to be any. As you might already be aware, Canon released a 40/2.8 pancake for FF not long ago. A wide normal lens is the primary pancake territory.

As Anders indicates, the  correct factor for m43 is 2x.

The wide-ish normal lens in pancake goes back to approximately the beginning of time! Pentax had an f2.8 40mm pancake for the Pentax 35mm film SLR back in the day.

In fact, 40mm is closer to the "normal" than the usual 35mm standard lens of 50+mm, given that the "normal" was designated as the length of the diagonal of the frame. The diagonal of the 35mm FF is actually 43mm.

6x6cm cams with were right in this normal range with their 80mm lens (diagonal is 85mm but given that most pix we printed at 8x10" the diagonal of the frame actually used was 77mm). 6x9 with normal lenses ranging from 90-105mm were also in the frame, with a 108mm diagonal.

The problem with a longer pancake is that you get into telephoto construction and that simply demands some length.

Leica had a pancake with the collapsible f.28 50mm Elmar. Collapsible lenses were impossible with the SLR, of course -- the mirror got in the way -- but would be possible with CSC cams.

But why have a collapsible prime when you can get a collapsible standard zoom? Look at the Panny X 14-42. A pancake zoom!

Cheers, geoff

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