That "L" lens "look" - Canon v Sigma 35mm1.4

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Re: That "L" lens "look" - Canon v Sigma 35mm1.4

gatorowl wrote: right now.

I recently sold my Canon 35 1.4 after acquiring a Sigma 35 1.4. Truth in advertising, I bought the Sigma to use on my Nikon D800.  Nonetheless, I was rather disappointed with the Canon's high level of CA especially at large apertures.  I had been hoping for an update before switching to Nikon.

So far, the Sigma hasn't let me down.  In addition to sharpness, it produces fantastic color and contrast.  I have no doubt that I'd choose it over the Canon 35 if I wanted a 35mm for my Canon photography (I still shoot Canon but only use 2-3 lenses).

Thanks for that. Colour is seldom mentioned in reviews. From what you say it does seem that the Sigma is a real competitor for the Canon.

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