Is the 15-85mm really faster than 18-55 or 18-135?

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Re: Is the 15-85mm really faster than 18-55 or 18-135?

I read the first 20 responses and nobody mentioned anything other than focusing speed. I realize that's what the OP asked about but....

I've used the 15-85 as my general walkaround / scenery lens for 3 years.

This lens is pretty much sharp thoughout the range. Wide and long. Closed down and wide open. Important.

This lens is 20% wider than the 18-55. You don't realize it. When you go on a trip and review your photos and think they just don't look like what you saw, it's very often because your eyes see wider than your lens. The extra 20% makes a big difference in scenery shots.

When I touch the shutter the focus jumps. Quiet and fast.

Last summer I was hiking in Glacier NP with my daughter. I stopped to take a few shots. While jogging to catch up to her I tripped on a rock or twig or root and went flying. I landed on my front with my camera underneath. I was all scraped up. The bottom of my lens shade was scratched and the lens and camera were caked in dirt. I spent an hour cleaning them off. After I completed the job I turned the camera back on and tried it. Everything appears to be working fine.

This is one great lens!!!

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