How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

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photojournalism vs artistic photography

If you are shooting an artistic photo you would probably throw away, as some said, 90% of your photos, because you only care about the best.  If you're shooting photojournalistic type of stuff, like events and your family, the only thing you care about whether the shot documented the subject very well. So, for those kind of photographs you are less judgmental, so they tend to clutter your collection.
For example, if you're shooting your own kids, the only thing you care about is recording the memory. Even if the shot is slightly out of focus or compositionally off, you still keep it because it is about having memory or recollection of the time, rather than anything else.

Or, if you take photojournalism for example. If you've got a the only shot of some extraordinary event, it will get published no matter how bad it is. (well if it is really, really bad, it won't get published)

My point, it depends.

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