Pancake lenses greater than 20mm focal length

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Re: Pancake lenses greater than 20mm focal length

BlueTrain wrote:

I currently find myself in the market for a CSC, mainly because I need something more portable than my DSLR with all the tripods and other parephanalia.

Portability is definitely one of my priorities. I see little point in having a wonderfully small camera that will fit in my coat pocket and then putting a large kit lens on it so it will end up needing to be carried in a bag (just my preferences here - this just wont work for me, may as well carry the 5D round all day)

My most commonly used lens on my 5D is the 50mm 1.4 and it would be great to have something approximating to this on a smaller camera (if not in IQ but in field of view)

I'm interested in the E-PL3 or the GF3 due to the availability of the pancake lenses, but can't find anything with a longer focal length that 20mm (which I guess approximates to about 30mm on my full frame dslr) and this may be a little too wide for my everyday shooting.

No. The 20 mm is equivalent to 40 mm on full-frame, so a slightly widish normal lens rather than a WA. Perfect for everyday shooting. And no, there is nothing longer than the 20 mm for MFT as far as pancakes go. Furthermore, I wouldn't really expect there to be any. As you might already be aware, Canon released a 40/2.8 pancake for FF not long ago. A wide normal lens is the primary pancake territory.

Also toying with the NX1000 or NX200, again cos of the smaller lenses (and have no particular preference for mf3). All these seem to be about the same price at the moment with a standard kit lens, which covers the right focal lengths for me but they just seem too bulky.

So I guess my question is, are there any less bulky/pancake style lenses available that would get a little closer to the 50mm on my 5D or am I just restricted to the wide angle?

May have to rethink the CSC option if i'm going to need a kit lens to get what I need.

Any advice gratefully recieved. Thanks.

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