New pc build with i7 3770K

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Re: New pc build with i7 3770K

philmar wrote:

Maybe i wasn't clear earlier. I intend to use a SSD for my OS and apps. My 2 HDDs will only be used to download my RAW files and save my rendered jpgs. I don't plan on having any apps on the HDDs. Iisn't that the type of use that the greens would be good for?

I am trying to decide if i should have 1 240GB SSD with OS and apps or if i should buy 2 smaller HDDs (2x128GBs) and dedicate 1 of them as a LR/PS scratch disk (keeping the other one for OS and apps.)-

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Phil M. - Toronto, Canada
Time to kill? Then have a look at a few of my photos, including one published by National Geographic :

Screw Up the technical specs above and get the Barracudas.

Smaller HDDs? Is there even a 128GB HDD? The SSD is the great upgrade ever made to PC industry for incredible load times and faster R/W transfer rates. And no need for a scratch disk since you've a one big large SSD and a good amount of RAM.

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