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Biggs23 wrote:

GMartin wrote:

Since digital ceme on the scene ive always used RGB for my color space when shooting.

But all websites and Facebook post their photos based on the sRGB color space. And I assume

that printing labs do also.

If I switch over to sRBG will my colors look better when I post on galleries and Facebook ? I see many images that just look amazing and wonder " How the hell did they get their colors to look like that ? "

Any images that get posted to the web for viewing should be in sRGB color space. My workflow is sRGB from capture all the way to the final product. Images posted online with something other than sRGB will not look right.

I edit everything in PS, shoot largest JPEG and am not into the RAW capture. I know that many photogs swear by RAW but my question always was " well you shoot raw, you edit raw, then change to jpeg once your're done".........once you change your files to jpeg, don't you lose all the advantages of everything you just did.......capture raw, edit raw, final files jpeg.....i dont get it.......what am I missing ?

RAW allows much more latitude during editing from start to finish. Get the WB a bit off when you shot it? No problem. Exposure was a bit under? No problem. Need to control the noise more effectively? No problem. The final product may still end up being a JPEG but the editing will be much easier.

So shooting sRGB jpeg is fine too then ? How do some photographers get that certain look where their colors are almost unreal and their sharpness looks almost too sharp but its they edit specifically for their BLOG or Facebook and then edit differently for client files ?

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