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Biggs23 wrote:

GMartin wrote:

I edit everything in PS, shoot largest JPEG and am not into the RAW capture. I know that many photogs swear by RAW but my question always was " well you shoot raw, you edit raw, then change to jpeg once your're done".........once you change your files to jpeg, don't you lose all the advantages of everything you just did.......capture raw, edit raw, final files jpeg.....i dont get it.......what am I missing ?

RAW allows much more latitude during editing from start to finish. Get the WB a bit off when you shot it? No problem. Exposure was a bit under? No problem. Need to control the noise more effectively? No problem. The final product may still end up being a JPEG but the editing will be much easier.

Not only easier but better quality.  And it isn't just about correcting possible errors made when shooting (in case the OP is among those who never makes errors) but also gives you access to the camera sensor's full dynamic range, rather than a compressed 8 bit version of it.  You can then boost shadows or recover highlights that you couldn't do successfully with a jpeg.  Once you're happy with the result you can create an sRGB jpeg which will look great online.

If the OP had always shot RAW then he could convert any of his old files to sRGB without any issues (color banding in skies may be among them) that may occur as a result of converting 8 bit jpegs.

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