Which NEX lenses have the "WOW" factor?

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Re: Which NEX lenses have the "WOW" factor?

PaddyC wrote:

lysanders wrote:

Get legacy lenses. Buy a cheap Canon FD to NEX adapter for 20USD and a 50mm or a 35mm lens. These are not NEX original lenses but if you do street photography I cant recommend legacy lenses enough.

The lens is a Canon FD 35mm with a CPL filter on an NEX 7, shot at f2.0

Don't take this the wrong way but this image suffers from camera shake and it looks like the point of focus is in front of the girl. Nothing is sharp in this photo. Without the camera shake that would be a bad thing in some cases but it all underlines the difficulty of using manual focus legacy lenses.

You're kidding, right?

  • what do any of your criticisms have to do with reality of making good images? This is a good image.
  • The fact that your competence in shooting manual lenses may be lacking should not make anyone else think they will have similar difficulties. This forum abounds with hundreds - maybe thousands - of images shot with legacy lenses, hand held.

Tell me how this would have been sharper with AF/stabilization. Check out the "Gay Marriage" sign, and the one about slicing onions on air conditioners.

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