Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: Who said anything about photoshop?

jess shudup wrote:

Covered Parking II

It follows then that writers aren't creative, because they are just using words that already exist- merely putting the words in different order?

As far as I know writers write. I wrote a book yesterday and it was creative. Does not mean the person actually created something.

But to be creative, the writer makes up new words?

You could create a new oral or written language, but you would write a book that uses the creative process without actually creating anything. You wrote a book. Now if you printed the book, bound the book you created a book. But you did not write the book.

You took the picture above, you did not create the parking garage, someone could walk up behind you and take the exact same picture, they no more created anything than you did, though they might have copied your idea or perspective.

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