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Thanks for the link and comparison. I guess for a person who plans on taking images like that seagull at that kind of distance, the SX-50 and its reach would be needed. My only question is, at full zoom with both the X-s1 and the SX-50, which one do you think resolves the finest detail? If the answer is the X-s1, that would be my pick and I would try to get closer my subjects and forget about anything too far away. IMO, if a picture is not clear, clean, sharp, and lacks a LOT of fine detail, I simply do not like looking at it, period. Sorry if that sounds blunt of me, that is just the way I feel about photography. When I look at how incredibly clear and sharp those two speed limit signs look from that X-s1 and how far away they are, they look GREATto me. Too bad the X-s1 is going for such a high price or I would definitely upgrade my old Sony DSC-H5 for one ASAP. Now I hope an X-s2 comes out soon so the price will drop on the X-s1

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