Fenway Pics: My sons ipod is often better than my 5D

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ipod is often better than my 5D - no it isn't

1  If you compare an image from your son's unit and yours, yours on the screen and his on his pad, it might look like the pad is better, but it isn't; upload that image to your screen and you'll find it doesn't hold together that well, except images in bright light.

2.  Your son's images are much more "processed" in camera, just as my HTC One S camera phone processes much more in camera than my 5D 2.  But you can change your settings with your 5D and get images much more processed, factory setting is "neutral" and pics come out boring, forget fancy software, something basic you can use quickly will yield you decent results, down load Picasa3 and learn how to use it, not hard at all, made for idiots like me.

3.  There is no P&S, camera phone, "I" this or that which can out compete the 5D.  Want to make your son's camera look like crap, then go into town at night and shoot some night scenes, then upload it to your computer screen, I'm assuming you have a reasonably large screen, your son's images won't hold together well at all, yours will.

4.  Fact is, were are into a golden age of the crappiest photos I have ever seen in my life while folks take garbage images with their camera phones and I type pads ((I'm speaking technically here folks, not subject matter) and pass them on to friends; my wife being the worse offender....lol and my son next, when he uses his older Blackberry.

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