PC Mag mini review. Ricoh GR wins Editors Choice Award.

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Re: WA converter

It appears you can shoot 4 frames per second, in RAW, continuously!

Yeah, but only for 4 shots then it stops.

"If you're shooting in JPG mode, the GR's continuous shooting mode fires off photos at 4 frames per second for as long as you'd like. If you opt to shoot in Raw or Raw+JPG, the camera rattles off four quick shots in about half a second, but stops there. I used a SanDisk 95MBps memory card to perform tests; the recovery time for a Raw burst was 2.7 seconds and 4.3 seconds for a Raw+JPG burst."

So I guess that the 1sec interval shooting is only for jpeg. Hopefully the buffer will take care of the annoying GXR problem of waiting till the buffer clears before taking the next shot when using longer exposures(up to 8sec) in interval mode.

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