Anyone switch from Lighroom 4 to 5 fully?

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Re: Anyone switch from Lighroom 4 to 5 fully?

migibson99 wrote:

nekrosoft13 wrote:

i'm aware of what beta is, that not what I was asking.

Can you please clarify what you are asking.  Not really sure what you mean by "fully switch over".  As you know, usually when beta software is released it for testing purposes, not necessarily to replace existing software.

Ignoring the fact that Adobe strongly recommend that people do not use LR5 beta for production work, as it is not fully reliable, they also point out that the released version of LR5 is not guaranteed to be compatible with catalogues created with the beta.

Any work you do with the beta may be lost when the release version comes out (and the beta expires and become unusable), and the catalogues you have worked on in LR5 beta might then become unreadable.

To answer the original question: no one who has read and understood Adobe's warnings about LR5 beta will "fully switch over from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5" until the release version is available.   Not if they've any sense.

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