How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

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Re: How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

sethmarshall wrote:

Okay, it sounds like I'm not alone then!  As I seem to have the same issue as you.  And yes, the biggest problem for me is finding the time.  For some this may be easy but I'm not good at throwing things away.  So in the end if I take 300 pictures, I usually only delete a few obvious bad ones, and only work on a few obvious great ones.  Then the rest just sit there in my many LR catalogs.

Time, and interest.  I'll kick up LR to do a culling action but I find I quickly run out of steam for drudge work.  Meanwhile, the incoming shots keep raising the total.  And since I usually go RAW+JPEG, that's a lot of files.

Like you, I kill the bad.  Out of focus or subject goes off frame is easy.   Same with very bad exposure.   And if I took two or three shots and there's an obvious best one, then I kill the others.   But it's problematic when there's 10+ similar shots, and that's where I go find something else to do.

What I do do, that I think is a good starting point, is Pick and rename the excellent shots, the ones I actually go on to PP.  Then you can (in LR) restrict to flagged photos, and in other browsers you just look for the named ones.  It also allows me to do script automatic file copies to a directory tree that only has good stuff, as well as do offline backups.

As time passes, it's easier to go back to a shoot and dramatically cull the IMG_XXXX files.  But in the first year, I keep thinking 'what if' and it doesn't cost me that much to leave there.   I am looking at the lossy-dng stuff and considering a plan that after a year I'd purge the original .JPG and convert the .CR2 to this lossy format.  Then in the slight chance I'd come back and want one of these, I'd still have white balance and RAW headroom, but with a bit less mess and data space.  (Or I could just delete the JPG since I'm clearly not needing the immediately available version)

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