Bring the D7100 on trip or not?

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Re: Bring the D7100 on trip or not?

Thomas Milner wrote:

The wife and I are going on a England choir trip, where we will visit London, Oxford, Stratford upon Avon, Gloucestershire, Bath, York, etc  and will be singing in several cathedrals.

Preparing for the trip, I purchased a P7700 for my wife (arriving tomorrow), because she's beginning to catch my photo bug.

Bought the D7100 as an upgrade from my D90 less than a month ago.  But am thinking about the trip, and the idea of carrying around the D7100 with my 16-85mm, it feels like a rock. I have a BlackRapid R strap, but don't want to scream out tourista, either.

I'm beginning to wonder if i should just travel with the P7700 and leave the D7100 at home. Hate to leave it in the hotel room and worry about theft while touring around.

Anyone have similar thoughts about cameras while touring, and what did you do?

I have constantly asked myself this question in my many journeys but it always comes down to the same conclusion: I enjoy taking pictures with my DSLR far more because it is so much more responsive.  That the images it produces are technically far better than a point and shoot's is icing on the cake.  I do have a relatively high quality compact for those times that a DSLR would simply be impractical - such as on group bike tours and performance X-C skiing - and value its simplicity and convenience.  But I always wind up wishing that I had a J2 or V2 without those dang big lenses that don't fit into my jersey pocket!  Even small and light is not always small and light.

Over the years I've developed both a sense of perspective about looking like a tourist - sorry, you will, no matter if you have an SLR around your neck - and a mode of carry that minimizes the "tactical photographer" look.  I carry a small kit - like your camera and lens plus one more WA - in a small shoulder/waist belt bag that looks more daybaggish than camerabaggish.  The camera stays in the bag until I want to photograph something, then comes out - quickly, because the bag is designed well for that - and then, back in. I also use a good strap.  Not a BR, because I find that too "tactical", but something that's not around-the-necky touristy (the Luma-Labs Cinch).

So weigh the reasons that you are taking a camera in the first place.  If a P7700 fills the bill for you, the D7100 is dead weight.  If the process of taking the photograph is part of the pleasure, bring the D7100 and work on your fear of standing out.  If you still want a modicum of stealth, well, Oly, Panasonic, and even Nikon have a camera for you.

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