How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

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Time is money.

These days storage space is not a problem. I recently bought a 3 TB drive for a little more than $100. But I come from 30 years of film shooting. Generally I thought about each shot carefully, as film and processing were expensive. Now I do tend to shoot more images. But it is not free, if your time counts. When you first look through a set of images, you can spend a lot of time studying the pluses and minus of each. If you don't cull them then in some way, when you next look at them you will have to go through them all again and so on.

If you have the discipline the best thing to do is to cull them immediate, asking yourself seriously if each image has something uniquely better that other similar images or can stand completely on its own. Get rid of the ones that don't make the grade. For a less permanent approach, you can transfer all the images you think that don't clearly make the cut to another folder and label it rejects or something. From time to time you can look at your rejects and see if they should remain that way. Once that you gain confidence that you are rejecting the right pictures, you can simply delete them. But having to look through 100 images everytime you want to work with them in order to find the 10% that are keepers can be a waste of time.

Since I still tend to shoot like I am using expensive film, I probably take less images than some people do and have more keepers. But the temptation is always there to shoot away and hope that some will be what you want.


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