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mbloof wrote:

I'm thinking "school pictures" - mass production - one lighting setup and 5min or less per client.

While many in my area don't balk at a $100 or more 'session fee' for 1-2hrs of multiple poses, wardrobe changes and lighting setups I'd liken this to a glorified photo booth or the before mentioned school pictures - mass production discount. Don't feel guilty for charging what you feel is reasonable.

Yup... you have been closest to the reality of what this is.  The agency is about to celebrate their 75th anniversary and wants to use the photos in a "yearbook."  They will no doubt use them for other things too.  I will supply no prints, the edited photos will be supplied on a DVD. They will own the shots after we are done.  Once set up, I will likely shoot 4 shots of each subject, probably spending no more than 5 minutes with each person, if that.  This is quick "production photography", not artful glamour shots.

I will bill travel expenses (mileage, lodging, meals, etc.) separately and then change a "per head" fee to cover my shooting and editing work.   If there are make-up shots to be done later, that's not my problem.  We'll have other means of covering those so no need for followups. Given my estimated time for shooting and editing, (I'm not factoring in driving and off-hours), I'm calculating I'll make about $40/hr on this job after expenses.

No doubt that's "slave wages" to you Pros, huh?  But remember... this is not how I earn my living.  I'm retired picking up some extra income doing something I enjoy.  My gear is simple, a mid-level Canon DSLR, a tripod, a couple of flashes, light stands, and a backdrop - it all fits in a big duffle bag and is long ago paid for.

The way I look at it, this is a "paid vacation."  I get to travel through a beautiful state (Idaho), have someone else pay for my rental car, fuel, lodging, etc. and likely find time for some personal photography during the trip.  Tell me what the downside is in this?

For reference, here's a link to a shot I did for the agency last time I did work for them


..and for context, here's how they use it on the website -


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