Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

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Re: And life goes on.....

kiirokurisu wrote:

THIS! It really gets tiresome that every single person who buys a D600 and has any dark spots on their images at >f16 feels the need to come here and complain about it. There have been SO MANY threads about this matter now, how can any more complaining possibly add any new information? Instead it swamps the forum with useless complaint threads that add nothing and detract from other useful discussions. This matter has been gone into quite enough. If you don't want to risk the oil spots, don't buy the b****y camera. If you do and get the oil spots, return it, clean it yourself or send it in for warranty. Those are your options. Enough already!

Why don't you switch your D600 with someone that is having these major oil spot issues.  Then you would not have to be soooo bothered with hearing the complaints from them.  Until you do that, I suggest you not complain yourself about having to be soooo bothered with hearing the problems of others.

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