Bring the D7100 on trip or not?

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Re: Bring the D7100 on trip or not?

Thomas Milner wrote:

The wife and I are going on a England choir trip, where we will visit London, Oxford, Stratford upon Avon, Gloucestershire, Bath, York, etc  and will be singing in several cathedrals.

That last part almost demands a high quality camera! PS congrats on having a great voice and the opportunity to go sing.

Preparing for the trip, I purchased a P7700 for my wife (arriving tomorrow), because she's beginning to catch my photo bug.

Good idea [my wife complains I slow their progress for photos and then can't understand how or where I "saw that"].

Bought the D7100 as an upgrade from my D90 less than a month ago.  But am thinking about the trip, and the idea of carrying around the D7100 with my 16-85mm, it feels like a rock. I have a BlackRapid R strap, but don't want to scream out tourista, either.

I would give up almost any convenience except possibly a extra set of underwear [then again you can probably buy them there] to take it if space or weight are the problem. It is not only OK to be a tourist it is great for their economy. BUT that does not mean you need to stand out as much as possible from the natives, plan ahead even about what you wear when not preforming !!!

I'm beginning to wonder if i should just travel with the P7700 and leave the D7100 at home. Hate to leave it in the hotel room and worry about theft while touring around.

Theft is another problem; I guess having it hanging from your neck while singing is a no-no. I'll leave that one to you, but how about a non-singer being a designated equipment guard?

Anyone have similar thoughts about cameras while touring, and what did you do?

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