Bring the D7100 on trip or not?

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Re: Bring the D7100 on trip or not?

Thomas Milner wrote:

The wife and I are going on a England choir trip, where we will visit London, Oxford, Stratford upon Avon, Gloucestershire, Bath, York, etc  and will be singing in several cathedrals.

Beautiful places, and if I didn't fancy taking a camera to any of those, then I don't know where I would take one. A few ideas, totally obvious really:

  • Keep on the tourist trails rather than taking short cuts down side streets, especially if alone or in darkness hours. 
  • Keep a hand on your camera all the time, but especially vigilant in crowded areas and especially in queues or on public transport. I've not heard of any cases in the UK, but some stories on here form tourist spots in russia where thieves will release an expensive lens and take that whilst their mate asks you for directions or whatever. These guys are switched on and know which lenses are worth nicking. 
  • The typical thief is a pack animal. They work in skilled teams, most of them are a diversion to attract your attention, the slightly built pretty wee girl is the one with her hand in your pocket. 
  • If you get into a situation (extremely unlikely) make plenty of noise to draw the attention of all the nice people around. While the pack may pick on an individual, they don't like the idea of support. But don't go threatening anyone unless you've had acute constipation for some time and are seeking a cure. 
  • Take a bag that will hold your camera - something unassuming. I use a tatty old trekking rucksack that any thief would think is full of anthrax. Its not pretty, but that's the idea! Could be a problem for you when representing your choir, but an obviously used trekking rucksack doesn't attract much attention and is securely attached to you. But never leave it unattended. 

I've recently switched to a camera harness which has been a revelation. Brilliant for spreading weight to my shoulders.

Enjoy your trip, you'll love the low light performance in the cathedrals - you will regret not taking the slr if you leave it at home. I won't mention the irony of leaving it there and someone breaking in and taking it.

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