New 5D MKIII Firmware 1.2.1

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Re: New 5D MKIII Firmware 1.2.1

slarti bartfast wrote:


Sorry to say the AF does not illuminate. I would have loved to seen that fixed as well.

As a side note: the problem i took it in for was not fixed either. It will go back, and i'm debating whether to be polite about it or not.

I had a previous camera that made three trips to Canon repair on Irvine, complete with detailed documentation of the problem and a disk of images to show it clearly. I spoke directly with the techincians working on the camera, and they appeared to understand what I was saying. After each trip the camera came back unchanged. I finally gave up on them and tracked down the head of all Canon repair in the US. He immediately understood the problem and had me ship it to him directly, somewhwere in New Jersey I think. It came back working perfectly.

I found in my conversations that different technicians had different levels of understanding about the camera. The problem was that the focus was off on all lenses, and this camera had no MFA. One technician sugested that I always keep it stopped down to f/11 or more, and focus would not be an issue.

Yopu can try simply shipping it back or you could try calling up the Service Center and asking politely to speak to a supervisor. Explain what happened and ask for his suggestion. I found in all of my contacts being polite and friendly got me further than be angry and and making demanding statements. The primary problem is finding the right person to fix your problem, and it should not be the case that this is not always straightforward. It's very frustrating and time consuming to keep shipping your camera back, but sadly that may be a feature of modern technology in some cases. I'm sure many others can cite complete success with their Canon repais on the first go-around. I'm also prepared to believe that Nikon or other camera makers may have their problems too.   Overall I'd like to believe that the vast majority of repairs go very smoothly, but of course one is more likely to hear about horror stories than success.


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