Bring the D7100 on trip or not?

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Re: Bring the D7100 on trip or not?

Thomas Milner wrote:

I'm beginning to wonder if i should just travel with the P7700 and leave the D7100 at home. Hate to leave it in the hotel room and worry about theft while touring around.

Either way works. Just be sure you're mentally prepared on what you are doing. The P7700 can take some amazing pictures if you have time to learn how to handle it properly. The D7100 can take even more amazing pictures, but it won't fit in your pocket.

They are two different kinds of trips - a pocket trip or a photography trip.

I rarely travel without a DSLR, but I choose between different lenses. Sometimes it is a 35mm trip. Sometimes a 70-200 f/2.8 trip. Sometimes a 14-24mm trip, and so on. I always have to leave some lenses at home, and I always miss some shots because of it. That's just part of life.

Do most of the shots you actually get, and forget about what could have been.

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