>>>Saturday B&W Thread - 4/20/2013>>> cont..

Started Apr 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP max metz Senior Member • Posts: 2,644

Thanks a bundle David, I just could not hold off any longer and finally bit the bullet, the camera and lens are lovely to hold though I may get the optional grip balance as the lens is as heavy as the camera.

I see you are still wonderfully adept with the lx5, being a master of that camera is a cool string to have in the bow as the lx5 is likely more of a legend now than the lx3. There is a lovely feel to your frames, though the compositions are doubtless very well considered, they put no pressure on the viewer and it's just a matter of enjoying a series of very lovely spots.

Most importantly, I really appreciate you sharing in my obvious excitement, have a wonderful week mate.

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