One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

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Re: One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

ilysaml wrote:

It depends on how much of Data is gonna be written everyday. SSDs have an absolute write limit beyond which they start failing to accept new data (unlike hard drives, whose mechanical parts may or may not wear out faster with heavier use, see the Google study on disk failure rates. So the more you write to an SSD, the faster it will wear out.
Using an SSD as a scratch disk will tend to subject it to more writes, since files that are written to it are used only briefly and then deleted (unlike an OS disk, whose files are written to the drive and then are re-read many, many times).

You keep repeating this, but have yet to actually substantiate it with any data.  You also keep confusing the matter with some sort of caching drive, rather than the "caching" done by Lightroom.  It's pretty easy to measure - you can pull statistics on drive uptime and bytes written and see what happens over a month.

In reality, it's rare that a desktop user is hitting endurance limits.  This is an enterprise problem - and they buy SLC drives in response.  But for these sort of users, if they benefit from that sort of use, maybe it's worth spending $120 on a 120GB drive every year.  The whole point of spending money on computer equipment is to get work done, not to preserve the equipment as long as possible.

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