R3000 - Multiple unexpected cleaning cycles

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Re: R3000 - Multiple unexpected cleaning cycles

jtoolman wrote:

RomBill wrote:

I've only had my R3000 for about 2.5 weeks and if I use the matte ink for anything it purges the Photo black out and than uses the Matte ink. When it switches back to photo ink it will do a pruge again. From Photo to matte takes 3ml of inkl. from Matte to Photo it takes one ml of ink. I have read this from the Epson site.

I believe your problem is because you are using the matte black and photo black.

I just tell the printer to use photo black for most of my printing unless I'm doing a special black and white.


Exactly how to you tell the print to use only photo black?

The only way I know is by defaulting to a Glossy Luster paper.

Black ink type use is only determined by the paper chosen in the job or in the printer preferences in the printer and devices tab.

So on my issue, the printer is currently using MatteBLK and yes it went through the purge when I switched from PhotoBLK. When I go to print something, I usually need to tell the app that I want matte or plain paper...since my apps seems to bring up a glossy stock with photoblk set as the defaults.

When printing just text docs, it doesn't seem to perform big cleanings/purges as much as when I run a photo job.  Haven't done more testing (need time) so haven't followed through with Epson Support...my email to them resulted in "You may have a hardware issue, please call us directly to review".

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