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Re: Small/phenomenal manual legacy prime lens

mgn2 wrote:

I just got a NEX-6, having got rid of my Nikon DSLR gear. So far I have the kit 16-50 zoom and the Sigma 30mm 2.8. Also have a Fuji X100. I would like to stick to the 2 reasons I bought the NEX-6 and Fuji X100..usability of cheap old lenses and light/small compact pocket-able package that delivers outstanding IQ (in my eyes).  I posted a similar thread a week ago and got some great replies. I have however changed my needs, I was previously looking for something dirt cheap but after some thought I figured I have to be realistic and pay more for what I want.

I hear great things about Zeiss/Lecia/Voigtlander glass and have never tried any, and think this may be a good chance to pick some up. Jupiter-3 and Jupiter-8 look great, but I'm concerned about where to buy a good copy.

-ease of MF. I have never really used MF so would prefer an easy to focus lens, i.e. no stiff focus rings or rings that take a lot of effort for small adjustments.

-any FL, but mainly looking at around 50mm, maybe 35mm or something even beyond 50mm.

-budget is less than $500, closer to $100 preferred.

-pocket-able which for me means anything the same size or smaller than my NEX-6 + Sigma 30mm attached. The pancake 16-50 zoom I find very pocket-able. Weight is less of an issue.

-max aperture f2 (even better if f1.8 or f1.4).

-best bokeh, sharpness and colours as good or better than my X100 Fuji lens.

So my question - what is the lightest and smallest (adapter included) manual legacy lens I can find used or new with the following constraints-

I still hold that the 45mm Rokkor is a great lens.

Small and capable at 2.0 and runs around $30.00.

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