New 5D MKIII Firmware 1.2.1

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Re: New 5D MKIII Firmware 1.2.1

slarti bartfast wrote:


Sorry to say the AF does not illuminate. I would have loved to seen that fixed as well.

As a side note: the problem i took it in for was not fixed either. It will go back, and i'm debating whether to be polite about it or not.

Why not ALWAYS be polite? I've worked with the Canon Irvine center several times and found them to be responsive and concerned, and they always go out of their way to be helpful to me. When my 1DIII was having issues, they took care of me. When my then new 5DII was not playing nice with my new 24-105 L (the WORST CA I have ever seen in my life), they had me bring ALL my lenses in and calibrated them with the camera. For free... Awesome! When I dropped my 1DIII (tripped on a step), they took really good care of me.

I've been really impressed with them - but then I get good service from Nikon in Manhattan Beach, CA too - (I've heard horror stories from others).

Sorry to interject, but you hit a hot button. What did they not fix?

Back on topic - I JUST picked up a 5DIII Friday and, while there are some things a little different from the 5DII, this is not a problem for me. I kind of like not seeing the distracting red box, but I can easily see the focus point if I need to.

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