Nikon 85mm F1.8G I bought into the hype about how sharp it is. and " how its the best and sharpest"

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Re: That loCA is normal.

wchutt wrote:

One reason I don't plan to buy another Nikkor fast lens is their LoCA is more obvious than other fast lenses.

If I remember correctly NX2 minimizes the LoCA. So you have to buy the camera, lens and software to get the most out of the lens. This insults me. If Nikon wants to save money by designing a lens with higher than typical LoCA and also make money selling me software to fix it, well I'm done buying fast Nikon lenses.

BTW I know LoCA is inherent in fast lens design. What annoys me is Nikon's recent fast lenses have such a high level compared to other lenses.

I'm with you. I shoot as much video as I do stills for my day job, and picked up the 85/1.4g with the hopes of having a great lens for portraits/interviews, but after a few quick tests (both stills and video), I realized the CA is just too out of control and I had to send it back. Example here:

While CA can somewhat be removed in post, the process can deteriorate other aspects of the image. And in video, it cannot be removed. So for my work, the 85/1.4g simply isn't a usable lens.

Sometimes one must look beyond the bokeh.

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