Anyone switch from Lighroom 4 to 5 fully?

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Re: Anyone switch from Lighroom 4 to 5 fully?

nekrosoft13 wrote:

Lightroom 5 does bring some new improvements, did anyone fully switch over from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5?

I tried to run both, but problem is that you need to keep to separate libraries, so what I change I do in one does not move to the other.

You understand that Lightroom 5 is still in BETA, right?

Heed the warnings on the Adobe site as to why they are being kept separate.  It is somewhat risky less than a WEEK into the BETA to be switching over.

Here's a good link that summarizes the changes.


Beta Version

  • Upgrading Catalogs
    • Catalog upgrade is disabled for the beta version, as it’s only a beta, but will be back for the final release.
    • Don’t attempt to use hacks to upgrade your catalog as it likely won’t be usable in the final release!
      Beta catalogs are expected to upgrade to the final release, but further changes may be made so it’s not a cast iron guarantee.
  • Usual warnings apply!
    • This is a beta version, not a release candidate, so there are bugs yet to be squashed.
    • It’s not expected to corrupt your photos or kill your computer, but it’s a beta so nothing is guaranteed. Just be sensible!
    • Take precautions, ideally using duplicate photos with the beta. If you’re going to use your originals, make sure you have offline write-once backups just in case.


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