Lens correction and Photo Ninja

Started Apr 14, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Simple solution

chironNYC wrote:

I also like PN's raw conversions in comparison to Lightroom and DXO 8.

But I do wish they would add a set of lens corrections to the software itself. Having to train your zooms just seems like something you shouldn't have to do for a program. I assume PN has some capital investment behind its development--time to expend some on adding key features like lens corrections.

I actually wrote to Picture Code (the makers of Photo Ninja) to suggest that they partner with PTLens in offering lens correction filters within PN, but they did not seem interested.  PN is the product of only two programmers, which is rather amazing in itself, and they evidently want to keep all development within their own house.  However, as the program flourishes and grows, they will undoubtedly be adding more workers to the creative staff, and possibly they will devote resources to lens profiles.  In the meantime, PN's do it yourself approach is pretty slick and easy.


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