Wide angle (to normal) magic. Long lenses, not so much.

Started Apr 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
DTwigg New Member • Posts: 13
Re: Wide angle (to normal) magic. Long lenses, not so much.

Al Downie has stuck the nail upon the flat part for me. I love the simple, solid mechanical controls of the X-E1 and the subsequent handling. I need a longer focal length and the 55-200 is going to provide that. Is it ugly when extended? Who cares. I don't watch myself when I'm taking pictures, I'm busy looking through the VF framing the shot and far too often I see a shot I just can't get close enough to with the 35/1.4. Would I prefer a 135/4 prime? Of course, even though I've promised my wife to give zooms a try (LOL). If Fujinon brings out a longish prime, and I mean one enough longer than the 60mm to be worth while, I'll probably buy it. But I might still hang on to the 55-200 for the extra reach of the 305mm equivalency.


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