Fenway Pics: My sons ipod is often better than my 5D

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As we all know...

jburrows500 wrote:

My 11 year old son and I went to Fenway today for a great afternoon of baseball.  There he is taking a panoramic pictures of the ball park that looks absolutely beautiful.. You would have though a fish-eye lens took it.. stitched together perfectly . all hand held.  Other shots throughout the day were perfectly balanced where my pics I knew would have to be edited in Lightroom for an hour to get similar results.. Sure I beat him everyday on pictures that require a shallow depth of field with my 5D and sigma 50mm 1.4.. but in landscape and general picture taking.. this ipod beats out my 5 pound body and lens more often than I care to admit... really starting to scratch my head and ask why I am I lugging this thing around... anyone else?

...processing can make an absolutely massive difference in the look of a photo.  It may simply be that the preprogrammed software in the iPhone was designed specifically for such photos (among others, of course), and does a fantastic job with files that are significantly inferior to the 5D files.

Here's a quick example -- let's say you are taking a pic of a scene with a large dynamic range, such as people backlit by a bright light source.  The iPhone might take two exposures in rapid succession, one for the people, one for the background, and merge them, all in a seemless automatic manner that the photographer is completely oblivious to.  The photographer with the 5D, on the other hand, would have to manually take two exposures, and merge in dedicated software, else they'd end up with a single exposure that either overexposed the background or underexposed the people.

As always, without posted pics, it's hard to say.  Still, pretty amazing how good those phone cams can be, isn't it?

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