Convert to 8 bit or leave at 16 while editing ??

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Re: Convert to 8 bit or leave at 16 while editing ??

Yes, it's a good idea to stay in 16 bit lossless (Tif, PSD) until all editing is complete. But a few tips:

Editing is not "complete" until you flaten all layers. Some people like to leave all their layers in place forever. If you convert a file with layers to 8bit, you effectively lose the benefit of 16bit processing. Later, those layers will be applied by flattening. A good example is a gradient layer. Applying a gradient layer in 8bit mode can lead to banding. Less so in 16bit mode.

The ProPhoto colorspace does not like 8bit mode. Converting a ProPhoto document to 8bit can also cause banding. Better to convert it to a smaller colorspace (Adobe98 or sRGB) BEFORE doing the 8bit conversion. The colorspace conversion will help avoid banding.

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