RAID, to?

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Re: RAID, to?

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Bob Collette wrote:

You should be able to use different drives in a RAID 0 array.  The two drives, when setup in a RAID 0 array appear (to the computer) as if it was a single large drive (sum of the two individual drives).  If the drives are currently separate drives (let's assume Drives C: & D:), after creating the RAID 0 array, you would only have a C: drive.

I see, well, i have to be sure then if i want to go this way.

Do you think this is a better option to go with RAID 0 with say 2 SSD each is 128GB or i forget RAID 0 and use only 1 SSD 256GB? in both cases it will be only for C:, D i will use it HDD say 1TB or 2TB.

I would go with a single, larger SSD. While RAID-0 gives very clear performance-benefits in benchmarks, the actual "feelable" gains over a single SSD aren't that big. The jump from HDD to SSD is much bigger. In addition, RAID-0 carries additional risks. If one drive fails, all data on both is lost (as all data is split between both drives). Also, a single disk you can always transfer to another system without any hassle, while a RAID-array isn't as portable.

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