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Refreshing this thread again.

I talked with one local computer shop near of my house, and they told me they will try to bring the computer with most of what i get but other things are not available, and they give me a starter price, about $1550, it will be ready tonight mostly, so before i go and buy it, do you think the price is fair enough or it too much high?

CPU: i7-3930K

Mobo: Gigabyte X79 [not sure which model], they said this one has a wireless built-in, there are without wireless and also there is Asus motherboard same price of that wireless but without wireless option, Yesterday they were putting Intel ?75 as the motherboard

GPU: Zotec something, Nvidia 4GB, i will be sure to checkout this, but it costs about $135

Memory: 8GB Kingston DDR3

Power: 900W

Cases: Black one i like the design not that much complicated and simple look but elegant

All above price is without HDD, i told them i have the drives [SSD + HHD] to install, so do you think it is too much expensive? If i order the parts all online then it may cost me almost closer with shipping and Tax or duties, so about $50-100 more buying locally is not a bad idea after all, but if you feel that they put too much cost then please let me know quickly.

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