Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: Yes i did, i created the image

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Maybe I am not looking at it the right way...   input?

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I think Creation would be a more realistic description than Capture.

Creation encompasses the whole process from start to finish, (wherever you start, wherever you finish). As i see it Capture is one part of the creation, the Capture being the stored data in the raw file or the unprocessed negative.


You take a picture of creation. It was created, you only captured a tiny piece of it. You may edit your picture just as a farmer might farm his crops, but he did not create them, at best he augmented the process by supplying more consistent water, fertilizer or even pest control but had no hand in the creative processes.

As a photographer you create nothing. You capture an image. Even if you manipulate it you did not create it. It was already created. IMHO

If i take a hammer, chisel and a block of stone (none of which i created) and chip away at the stone i create a sculpture. In the same way using the camera/lens, light and editing tools (none of which i created) i create an image. Both the sculpture and the image exist only as an idea in my mind until my actions bring them into being. Images don’t exist until a lens creates them.


Well then by using your logic, I would say you did not create the picture, the camera created the picture. You just pressed the button. There are machines controlled by a computer that uses a water jet to crate and aluminum object by cutting it with water. If you push the button and the machine makes a car aluminum wheel, did you create something? Or just press a button. I could push the button and "create" the same thing.

With photography you just press a button too. The creative part is where you place the camera which I would say is creative, but it is not creating something. Taking a chisel and hammering a block of stone is creating it.

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