Bokeh in the background with a 50 mm lens. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Background blur with a 50 mm lens. What am I doing wrong?

scorrpio wrote:
I don't see OP asking for compositional advice.

Well—he asked what he was doing wrong.


scorrpio wrote:
Chances are, the photo is composed exactly to OP's own liking.

Chances are, the original poster did not waste a single thought on composition at all. Instead, he simply aimed at the girl's face and fired a frame from where he happened to stand. And that's the actual reason for the picture being so bland. It's not the depth-of-field, or lack thereof. It's the photographer's lack of thought about composition. A step or two closer to the little girl, and shooting from a slightly lower angle, and putting the little girl's eyes not just exactly at the frame's center, would yield a picture much closer to what he had in mind I bet. Shooting from a closer distance would also have helped with blurring the background even more.

To RasiWick: Try following my advice the next time you take your little girl's photograph. If the result is better then have a beer to my health. If not then try something else ... like, purchase another lens

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