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Re: re: on the contrary - in-camera corrections MASK a true optical IQ...

jpr2 wrote:

Keit ll wrote:

One issue that is worthy of comment is that reviewers tend not to test lenses using the in-camera correction facilities & as these lenses are produced to be used with Sony cameras perhaps they should test them with & without correction ?

  • this is really a least important part of a review process - otherwise it ought to be carefully compared with what might be optimally achievable through judiciously selected PP packages;
  • which, esp. if coupled/combined with plethora of possibilities opened by multitude of cameras [each performing their OOC corrections perhaps a bit differently due to FW and sensor variance]...
  • will open an nightmarishly complex can of worms - a quicksand field to be boggled down by a discord
  • a key to a good and worthwhile a review is to standardize the obs as much as possible


I would agree with those comments if Sony did not offer in-camera correction but they do ...

E-mount lenses are not intended to be used on non Sony cameras.

The issue of what is capable with the use of computer software is a totally different consideration but inclusion of such testing would not actually spoil a review ? I raised the matter as it would give Sony less grief if there was not such a long lag before Adobe produced new correction profiles.

Keith C

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