Using a D7100 in AUTO mode???

Started Apr 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
blue_cheese Senior Member • Posts: 1,871
I am just going to re-cycle a response here

Im gonna try to be nice as I like you, but...what i said 2 years ago to a troll post like this still holds, up the model from D7000 to D7100, these superiority complex posts baffle me, what do you care how other people take pictures, as long as they are happy.

It is like having one of the D3100 auto shooters mock you for not using the great and useful "Guide" feature on the camera... you use what you need and buy what you want... plain and simple. Or maybe.

Since so many people like to equate cameras to cars on this forum... how do you think Kobe's ex Wife would feel about your comments:

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