Convert to 8 bit or leave at 16 while editing ??

Started Apr 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
Valant Regular Member • Posts: 286
Re: Convert to 8 bit or leave at 16 while editing ??

Unless you have a really old, slow computer or Mac (very unlikely!) do editing in 16 bit or RAW. Preferably RAW. In the old days computers sometimes had problems dealing with the amount of information of a 16 bit file.

16 bit usually means a 16 bit Tiff. Jpeg is 8 bits and every time you save an edit of the image it can easily be visually degraded. Blue skies for instance may lose tone gradations and become blotchy whereas if the same edits were done in 16 bit this would not occur so easily.

However when saving a jpeg at good quality from a Tiff you will probably be hard put to see any differences between them. If you then continue to edit the jpeg banding and other artifacts will usually become visible.

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