RAID, to?

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Re: RAID, to?

Bob Collette wrote:

Why are you wanting to use RAID: for speed or redundancy?  To answer your questions, you first need to decide what RAID mode you want to use: 0 or 1.

RAID 0 (sometimes referred to as striping) splits the data between 2 drives, giving you a speed advantage, since it alternates between the two drives when reading or writing.  The size of the RAID 0 array is the sum of the size of the two drives.

RAID 1 (sometimes called mirroring) gives redundancy.  The data is written simultaneously to both drives and can be read from either drive.  It gives a speed increase in reading, but not writing.  Both drives need to be the same size, and while not completely necessary, it's recommended that they both be the same make/model.  The size of the RAID 1 array is the size of a single drive.

Ok i see, then in this case i will go with RAID 0, i am not thinking for having 2 to backup, i use each for different purpose, but was looking to speed up between the two, i will have another HDD for backup and scratch or files storage, but i was hoping if that RAID 0 will give me ability to move between te 2 drives without much issues and have the speed, i will keep one drive for OS + few Apps, and the second for Games.

So, if i go with RAID 0 option, it doesn't matter if both aren't the same SSD?

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