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Eric: indeed, alsmost ANY lens will perform decently IF stopped down :)

viking79 wrote:

Don't compare the actual numbers, they are different bodies, but this is why I generally ignore ranking systems or x/y rankings, because the NEX 7 makes the lens look worse than it is by putting up higher numbers in the center of the frame, but still high in the corners respective of other systems, but it makes the lens look like it performs worse in the corners because it is relatively worse.

I agree, its important to look at multiple reviews, but I can't say I disagree with the conclusion.  I have used other much cheaper ultra wides that perform better than the Sony, but they Sony does plenty good for what it is as long as you stop down the aperture.

  • Photozone's results can be compared across systems, provided that first their absolute numbers will be converted to a relative scale, say in percents of top resolution for each FL - but this will be a work by necessity done by end-users themselves as PZ doesn't convert their data for easy comparisons;
  • anyway, stopping down an aperture doesn't say much about critical performance, even el cheapo lemons can do pretty good at their best apertures = not a purpose of testing sites for sure !!


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