TV as a monitor?

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Re: TV as a monitor?

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

WOW, thank you very much for your answers.

Yes, it is very clear, the TV is limited resolution, and i saw that when i connected my laptop even with same resolution of that TV [1920x1080], so TV is still not par for PCs high resolution.

I have to check out if i can find a DELL dealer in my country where i can buy monitors locally, i don't want to order a DELL monitor even if it costs $200 because the shipping will crunch that cost up high for un-necessary.

Why i feel watching the Full HD movie on a Full HDTV look better than looking at this same movie on my Apple Cinema Display 30" or even my Eizo 22" monitor?

The biggest problem is that the majority of televisions between 22 and 39 inches do not even handle 1080 P.  The majority are limited to 720p.

There are a few 24 inch TVs that are 1080p and I remember seeing a 26 inc model that was 1080p, but the few 27 inch TVs I've seen were all 720p.

I dont shop for TVs on-line, as I wont buy one without seeing/viewing..

Televisions are generally viewed from a greater distance than a computer monitor would be, and that is firmly in the minds of the people that design and build televisions.

I, for one, tend to be much more "forgiving" of the flaws in a TV display than I am of any flaws in a computer monitor.

I have used an AOC 24 inch 1080p television for a monitor for a few weeks when an LCD screen quit working unexpectedly, (also have used a VIZIO 24 inch 1080p for the same reason) but neither was designed to be a computer display, and they were not good at it.

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