Wide angle (to normal) magic. Long lenses, not so much.

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Re: Wide angle (to normal) magic. Long lenses, not so much.

Rod McD wrote:

you'll also see quite a few people just aren't worried about the size of their kit at all.  I don't quite 'get' this - surely the advantage of mirror-less is the reduction in kit size from a DSLR?

Hi Rod,

For me, the greatest advantage is nothing to do with size or weight (but they're great side-benefits for sure) - it's more to do with the ergonomics of the cameras - a proper shutter speed dial, a proper aperture ring, and all the other knobs and whistles hidden away in menus somewhere - it's the closest thing I've found yet to the experience of using an FM3, my favourite camera ever. If there was such a thing as a digital SLR with only basic, manual controls, I'd have one in in INSTANT, but the manufacturers seem hell bent on competing with each other to squeeze even MORE modes, MORE functions, MORE buttons, MORE stuff that just gets in the way of the process (for me at any rate).

So the size and length of the zoom doesn't really bother me. Having said that, I think I'd definitely prefer a 200mm prime than the zoom...

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